Parly B – How Yuh Mean? Mixtape

Parly B – How Yuh Mean? Mixtape


parly b

Parly B: @parlyb
Jam Jah Sound / Friendly Fire Music: @Robin_FF

Greetings from the UK, Parly B has been controlling festivals around the UK and collaborating with a breadth of producers with his distinctive DJ style to produce a varied catalog of music, from roots to dancehall to Jungle. Mixed by Jam Jah Sound’s Robidon, How Yuh Mean? showcases some classic tracks, some exclusive dubplates and unreleased remixes.

Artist: Parly B
T**le: How Yuh Mean? Mixtape
Mixed by: Robidon (Jam Jah Sound)
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Track List

Parly B – How Yuh Mean? Mixtape
Mixed by Robidon (Jam Jah Sound)

1. Out of Order (Prod. by Friendly Fire Band)
2. Hotta Than That (Prod. by Patatattak Sweeter Than Remix)
3. Dubplate Fashion (Prod. by Tradesman – Reggae Roast)
4. This World (Prod. by Chief Rockas)
5. Dem A Fight (Prod. by Ed West – Reggae Roast)
6. Stand Tall (Prod. by Ed West)
7. Rudeboy Skank (Prod. by Tradesman – Scotch Bonnet Records)
8. Dubplate Time (Prod. by LoDafoe – Sunny Side Up Fix)
9. Fulla Artillery (Prod. by Patatattak – Digitalisman Remix)
10. What A Time (Escape Roots ft. Tom Spirals – Maxi Roots C**bia Mix)
11. Hotta Than That (Jam Jah Special)
12. Rub A Dub Market (Prod. by Part2Style)
13. Galang (Vibration Lab Remix – Sound Transmission Records)
14. Dreada Than Dread (Prod. by Danny T – Irish Moss)
15. Pose Up (Interrupt Remix)
16. Pose Up (Prod. by Patatattak – Old Tape Remix)
17. It Saucy (ft The 4’ 20’ Sound – Dub Boy Remix)
18. Mad (Prod. By The 4’ 20’ Sound)
19. Mad (Vibration Lab Remix)
20. Every Manor (Prod. by Ghost Town – Senseless Records)
21. Champion (Prod. by Sticky Joe)
22. Mi Bredrin ( Prod. Origin One – Nice up Records)
23. Let Me Talk (Prod. by Adam Prescott – Reggae Roast)
24. What A Ting (Prod. by FLeCK – Serial Killaz)
25. Dem A Fight (J-Man Remix – Reggae Roast)
26. This World (Chopstick Dubplate Remix)
27. Babylon A Come (Prod. by Mungo’s HiFi – Sekkle Sound Remix)
28. Hot Steppin (Prod. Red Eye Hi Fi Ft. Kathika)
29. Nuff A Dem (Prod. by Chief Rockas – Water House Riddim)
30. Be Careful (Ft. M.McAnuff – Riddim Tufffa Remix)

Special thanks go out to the producers, remixers and labels that made the tracks – be sure to check out and download the full tracks off iTunes – credits and links below – and a big shout out to Gardna, Admiral Tibet, Cheshire Cat, Mr Multiplex, Dark Angel for the jingles!


Parly B : @parlybthedan
Jam Jah Sound:
Friendly Fire Music:
Pattattak: @patatattak
Tradesman: @tradesman
Chief Rockas: @chiefrockascollective
Ed West: @ed-west
LoDafoe: @lo-dafoe
Maxi Roots: @maxi-8
Part2Style: @part2style
Vibration Lab: @vibration-lab
Ghost Town: @ghosttownbeats
Sticky Joe:
Adam Prescott: @adam_prescott
FLeCK: @fleckathens
J-Man: @j-man-1
Chopstick Dubplates: @chopstick-dubplate
Mungo’s Hi Fi:
Sekkle Sound: @sekkle-sound
Riddim Tuffa: @riddimsurfer
Kathika: @kathika-r
Red Eye Hi Fi: @red-eye-hifi
Tom Spirals: @tom-spirals
Danny T: @dannytdub
The 4’ 20’ Sound: @the420sound
Origin One: @originone
Irish Moss: @irishmossrecords
Reggae Roast:
Senseless Records: @senselessrecords
Sound Transmission Records: